• Highly concentrated suspension with an essential micronutrient zinc
  • Zinc a key constituent of many enzymes and proteins
Trade Name: ZINOX
Active Ingredient:
Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate 39.5% (Zn)
Formulation Type: Suspension Concentrate

Mode of

  •  Enhances photosynthetic activity through its influence on chlorophyll synthesis
  • Involves in N metabolism, stimulates amino acids to produce proteins
  • Helps in chloroplast development, auxin metabolism and enzyme activities


  • Rapidly absorbed by plants and has long lasting nourishing effect
  • Assist in starch production by availing more zinc to the plant in mobile form
  • Enhances calcium transport in fruits & vegetables, vitamin synthesis in vegetables
  • Increases yield and enhances the quality of produce


  • 1-1.5 ml per litre of water

Method of Application

  • Foliar spray


Crops: Application Stages:
Rice, Wheat, Maize, Other Cereals 30-35 and 45-50 DAS/DAT
Sugarcane 45 and 90 DAP
Bengal Gram 30-40 days crop stage
Soybean, Groundnut, Sunflower 30-35 DAS
Cotton Boll Formation stage (60-70 DAS)

Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli,  Cucurbits 

Vegetative stage (30-35 DAS/DAT), Flower Initiation (35-45 DAS/DAT) and Fruit Setting Stage (45-60 DAS/DAT)
Cabbage, Cauliflower Head/Curd initiation Stage and Development Stage (70-80 DAS)
Potato Vegetative stage (30-70 DAS) and at fortnight intervals
Grapes 20-25 and 35-40 Days after pruning
Apple Petal Fall Stage
Pomegranate 30-35 and 45-50 Days after pruning
Mango, Guava New flush stage, flowering and fruit setting stage
Banana 45-50 and 90-95 DAT
Citrus After Bahar treatment and after flowering stage
Coffee Pre-flowering stage and Berry formation stage

Pre-harvest stage

Oil Palm (Nursery) Once in every 2 months
Oil Palm (main field) Once in every 4 months