ACT 150

  • Thiamethoxam belongs to neonicotinoid group
  • Broad spectrum systemic insecticide with quick stomach and contact action
Trade Name: ACT 150
Formulation Type: 25% WG
Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam

Mode of

  • Agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) affecting the synapses in the insect central nervous system
  • Irreversible blockage of postsynaptic nAChRs leads to hyperexcitation, followed by convulsion & paralysis and thereby results in death of insects


  • Rapidly taken up by roots of germinating seedlings and translocated in whole plant
  • Excellent translaminar action and thereby effectively controls hiding insects beneath the leaf
  • Extended lasting activity
  • Controls insects under resurgence to other insecticides


  • Applications should be made immediately after the spray solution is prepared
  • Ensure thorough and uniform coverage
  • For effective results, spray at appearance of pest infestation


Crops: Pests: Dosage per Ha
Rice Stem Borer, Gall Midge, Leaf Folder, Brown Plant Hopper, White Backed Plant Hopper, Green Leaf Hopper, Thrips 100g
Mangoes Hoppers 100g
Potato Aphid (foliar spray) 100g
cotton Jassid, Aphid 100g
Tea Mosquito Bug 100g
Citrus Psylla 100 g
Okra Jassid, Aphid, Thrips, Whitefly 100 g
Cumin Aphid 100 g
Potato Aphid (soil drenching) 200 g
Tomato Whitefly 200 g
Cotton Whitefly 200 g
Brijal Whitefly, Jassid 200 g
Wheat Aphid 50 g
Mustard Aphid 50 - 100 g
Tomato Whitefly (soil drenching) 400 g
Rice (nursery) Whorl Maggot 2000 g
Method of Application
Toxic Level