• Specially formulated foliar fertilizer
  • Improves availability and mobility of Calcium in plants
Trade Name: PARVAT SC
Active Ingredient: Concentrated Liquid Calcium 11%
Formulation Type: Suspension Concentrate

Mode of

  • Strengthens plant cell wall and stability of cell membranes
  • Regulates stomatal function


  • Nourishes plant to enable profuse rooting
  • Improves the physiological and hormonal health of the plant
  • Resists plants from physiological disorders
  • Enhances flowering and promotes early flowering
  • Improves fruit setting, fruit firmness and texture
  • Enhances the shelf-life and quality of the produce


  • 1.5-2 ml per litre of water

Method of Application

  • Foliar spray


Crops:  Application stages:
Rice, Maize Tillering/ vegetative stage (30-60 DAS)
Sorghum, Pearl Millet Vegetative stage and at Ear head Formation stage (20-30 DAS)
Gingelly, Sunflower Flowering stage (65-85 days)
Groundnut Pegging stage (26-60 DAS) and Kernel Formation stage (45 DAS)
Cotton Boll Formation stage (60-70 DAS)
Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Cucurbits Vegetative stage (30-35 DAS/DAT), Flower Initiation (35-45 DAS/DAT) and Fruit Setting stage (45-60 DAS/DAT)
Potato Vegetative stage (30-70 DAS) and at Fortnight intervals
Onion Bulb Formation stage (30-45 DAS/DAT)
Cabbage, Cauliflower Head/ Curd initiation stage and development stage (70-80 DAS)
Grapes Before flowering (90-120 days after pruning) and Onset of ripening (150 days after pruning)
Apple Fruit setting stage and Fruit Development stage
Mango, Guava New flush stage, flowering and fruit setting stage
Sapota Flower budding stage
Banana 5th & 7th month after planting
Pineapple Early crop phase at 15 days interval
Rose, chrysanthemum Budding stage and at fortnight intervals
Jasmine New flush stage and at fortnight intervals
Arecanut Budding stage
Cocoa, Coffee Vegetative stage and Pod/Berry formation stage