We have built a significant presence in most of the states in domestic market covering critical crops like Paddy, Cotton, Soya, Pulses, Wheat and Horticultural crops. Our strength lies in providing R&D driven nutrition products under Plant Health category (some which are patented) under our umbrella brand “ALLWIN” and other pesticides under Plant Protection category. We have a strong team of more than 200 employees serving more than 5000 dealers in our network in all the states. Our regional teams consist of Agri graduates and executives with long service records, with capabilities to understand market dynamics and provide strong product development support for existing products in various markets. Through consistent customer contact programmes, changing needs of farmers are mapped and based on such insights, new products are introduced through R&D every year in Plant Health segment. We also have strategic long-term Co-marketing relationships with Industry leaders like Syngenta, PI, etc for introduction of new chemistry products for various crops, in Plant Protection segment. Across India we have 24 depots from which our supply chain caters to requirement of all customers


We have been exporting our products to X countries and have registration in Y countries. We have developed a network of XX overseas partners and we work closely with our customers to develop our products and facilitate their Brands development. With more appreciation of role of Bio-stimulants and Micronutrients by farmers across the globe, our products have witnessed steady scale up in many countries across crops. We have also accreditation by Ghana Cocoa Board endorsing our patented product Allwin Top Plus for application in Cocoa crop. With strong presence in domestic markets and being farmer oriented, we are open to strategic tie-ups with overseas partners for import and export opportunities.