Manufacturing Unit

Plant 1- Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu

» Commenced in the year 1985. With an area of around 14000 sqm., the factory is eco-friendly with greenery.

» Fully equipped EC, SL, SC, WP, SP, CG and granules formulation plant.

» In addition a line for the production of Suspension Concentrates (SC) products has been set up at the Pudukkottai plant.

Product Capacity
Liquid 2,000 kl p.a.
Wettable Powder 1,000 ton p.a.
Granules 3,500 ton p.a.


Plant 2- Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir

» Commenced operations in November 2008.With a land area of 5500 sq. m. the factory is eco friendly.

» Fully equipped EC, SL, SP, WDG, WP and granules formulation plant.

Product Capacity
Liquid 3,600 kl p.a..
Wettable Powder 1,470 ton p.a..
Granules 1,500 ton p.a.


Plant 3- Chennai, Tamilnadu

» Commenced operations in 2011. With a land area of 2500 sq. m.

» Fully equipped SL and WP formulation plant.

» Suitably equipped to manufacture Crop health products.

» We are also involved in the Quality Management, Environment Protection, Occupational Health and Security.

» View our Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

Product Capacity
Liquid 1,000 kl p.a..
Wettable Powder 1,500 ton p.a..
Granules 0 ton p.a.