Board of Directors

R Narasimhan, Chairman

A Chemical technologist by profession, Mr. R Narasimhan started his career as an analytical chemist for more than 7 years in the Agro Chemical Industry. He later went on to establish his own unit in the name of Ramcides in 1973. He also served as the Managing Director until March 2005. Thereafter he passed the mantle over to Mr. R Padmanaban & entrusted him the responsibility of taking the organization to the next level of growth. He then occupied the position of Chairman.  Mr. R Narasimhan has thorough knowledge about the pesticides industry and formulation techniques as well as marketing strategies.

Mr. R Narasimhan  has continued to be the Secretary of the Federation of Pesticides Manufacturers Association (FOPMA) as well as the Tamil Nadu Formulators Association for the last 11 years. In view of these positions, he is invited to attend the All India Pesticides Manufacturer’s Association meetings on a regular basis.

Mr. R Narasimhan is the Managing Trustee of “Ramcides Education Trust” who takes a keen interest to interact personally with the underprivileged children, not only to financially support them, but also guide them to a better future.  Apart from this he holds key positions in a few service organizations with whom he has a long and fruitful association thereby contributing to the betterment of society.

Hiroshi Wada, Vice Chairman

Mr.Hiroshi Wada currently serves as the Vice Chairman at SDS Ramcides. With a Masters in Agriculture from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1993 with specialization in Phytopathology, Mr. Wada joined SDS Biotech K.K. Japan in 1993.He also served as the Project Leader of the Overseas Business Development group, in the Development Division of SDS Biotech K.K. from 2015 – 2016.

Kenichi Komatsubara, Director

Mr. Kenichi Komatsubara serves as a Director at SDS Ramcides. With a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1983 and specialization in organic synthesis Mr. Komatsubara is also the Director of SDS Biotech K.K.

Susumu Izu, Director

Mr.Susumu Izu currently serves as a Director at SDS  Ramcides.With a Masters in Agriculture from Kyusyu University in 1987 and specialization in Biochemistry,Mr.Izu joined Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd in 1987.He served as the Deputy General Manager,in the Agri-Bio Business Department of Idemitsu Kosan Co, Ltd, from 2013 -14. He recently served as Vice Chairman of SDS Ramcides from May 2014 to June 2016.

R Gopal, Managing Director

Mr. R.Gopal is the Managing Director & a Chartered Accountant by profession. His experience of  33 years  in SDS Ramcides along with the excellent rapport he shares with fellow industrialists has given him a grip of the industry. His strategies have helped the organization in moving forward with futuristic goals.

In view of the growing demand and the platform from which the organization can deliver products in the very near future, Mr. Gopal believes that the future is very bright for SDS Ramcides.

R Padmanaban, Executive Director

A Management Business Graduate with a commerce background, Mr.R Padmanaban became the head of operations in April 2004. He went on to become the Managing Director from 1st April 2005. An aggressive learner, Mr. Padmanaban has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Ramcides during 2005-10. He is also considered a very successful businessman & is highly able handed.

Mr. Padmanaban has attended various seminars and symposiums on Agro Chemicals, including the Asia Pacific Crop Protection Council meetings, CAC at Shanghai. In addition, he has traveled abroad to meet our overseas customers and establish further contact. Mr. Padmanaban has also been recognized by many organizations for his social contributions and commands a good respect among fellow industrialists.

Mr. Padmanaban currently serves as the Executive Director.